About Me

Orlando King is a UN Ambassador and multi-disciplined businessman who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His 2-decade-plus career has been focused on enhancing performance, driving revenue, and maximizing profit for various organizations. When time allows, Orlando enjoys football, boxing, track events, and basketball.

Orlando King: UN Ambassador

Orlando has been appointed as a UN Ambassador, effective January 2022. His decades as a business consultant and major investor position him well to represent the United States government in:

Humanitarian aid projects

Immigration discussions

Foreign aid programs

Treaty negotiations

Mr. King asserts, “Being appointed as a UN Ambassador is a highlight of my personal and business life. I truly gain a sense of humanitarianism and charity in the role of Ambassador, which is a genuine blessing for me.”

Orlando is also on-slate to receive the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in March 2022.

Orlando King & Our Community Healthcare System Inc

Orlando is an accomplished business professional with over 20 years of experience. He has a stellar record of:

Delivering progressive financial performance

Maximizing operational efficiency

Driving growth & revenue

Mr. King is a partner in Our Community Healthcare System, Inc. His duties include masterminding the organization’s strategic vision, direction, operations, and financial structure.

He explains, “I’m constantly motivated to help ensure the lucrative future of Our Community Healthcare System. My team counts on me to be on top of every possible scenario and deliver effective solutions that maximize profitability.”

Orlando King Business Consulting

Orlando provides specialized business consulting services to select clientele. Some of his areas of expertise include:

Sales and marketing consulting

Accounting consulting

Strategic planning

IT consulting

Mr. King also specializes in project management, forecasting, and reporting. He offers, “When I have the time, I still help some close business associates with consultation services. My expertise is difficult to match, but available time trumps all eventually. I typically don't have time anymore, but I wish I did because I enjoy assisting others in meeting their profit and performance goals.”

Orlando King Education

Orlando holds dual degrees in Business Administration and Secondary Education from Valdosta State University. His minor areas of study were accounting and business consulting. He excelled as a collegiate student, maintaining a 3.73 cumulative GPA throughout his studies.

“My time as a student was probably rather boring relative to the experience of many others,” Orlando explains. “I kept my nose in my books and had little social life for the most part. Of course, I had some moments like every college kid, but I never ended up in jail, so that’s good!”

Orlando King Career Highlights

With the variety of skills and attributes, Orlando specializes in:

Financial Health & Competency

Team Building & Inspiration

Business Optimization

Aggressive Growth

Mr. King currently serves as CFO/COO for 360 Recycling Inc, the only minority based energy company in the United States that is federally approved to sell power in the States. Specializing in Renewable Energy. Conventional Energy Building Smart Cities in. ECO Friendly Sustainable Environment.

He asserts, “My primary roles at 360 Recycling entail analyzing present and current data to forecast future developments, planning and implementing the company’s financial structure, and ensuring fluency in the growth and development pipeline.”

In the past, Orlando was a full partner at Pinnacle Development and Management. There, he was responsible for propelling company growth via mergers and acquisitions. He was responsible for maintaining the company’s vitality and profitability.

Before offering his services at Pinnacle, Orlando was a full partner with Vertical Properties, Inc., a company offering professional installation and maintenance of broadcasting tower facilities for television and radio stations.

He remembers, “My team and I grew Vertical Properties into one of the largest geographic owned real estate development and acquisition companies. I was a major force in building the company's portfolio past the $500-million target, and my team and I did it far faster than anyone thought to be possible.”

Orlando has also led various teams to restructure the financial operations of more than 50 companies. In the past 10 years, he has measurably improved the financial performance of companies in fields ranging from recycling to engineering to energy production.

“My goal for any company I consult for is to enrich their entire company culture via lucrative but safe investments, optimal safety compliance, higher wages and more benefits for employees, and a future-based approach to business,” Orlando explains. “I profit when my clients profit.”

Orlando King Charity

Orlando regularly gives to multiple charitable organizations, including Goodwill Industries. Goodwill is an American 501 corporation that provides community-based services like job training and job placement for people with employment barriers.

Mr. King also allocates routine donations to Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry, an Atlanta-based, year-round human services organization that helps hundreds of thousands of people annually.

Orlando also provides financial support for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), an African-American civil rights organization, also based in Atlanta.

“I’m a fortunate man, and I believe in giving back. There are many worthy charitable organizations out there to give money, time, or other resources to,” Orlando states assertively. “I think that everyone should help others until we all can live happily, safely, and righteously.”


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